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With almost 20 varieties of wine made right here on the farm, sure to have something for everyone!

Pino Noir $16.95  Qty: Price:
Becker Blue $14.95  Qty: Price:
Joyce's Joy $14.95  Qty: Price:
Quaker Red Rougon $14.95  Qty: Price:
Red Creek Raspberry $14.95  Qty: Price:
Apple Cranny $12.95  Qty: Price:
Emperor Cherry $12.95  Qty: Price:
Red Coop $12.95  Qty: Price:
Spiced Apple $12.95  Qty: Price:
Barreled Over Niagara $9.95  Qty: Price:
Concord $9.95  Qty: Price:
Dusty;s Diamond $9.95  Qty: Price:
Erie Canal Catawba $9.95  Qty: Price:
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Vizcarra Vineyards was started in 2004. Most of the fruit wines are 100% fruit made from fruit picked right here on the farm. We also have a six acre vineyard that gives us some of the grapes. WE have plans to expand our vineyards, to make wine from even more grapes harvested off of our land. We source locally for the grapes we do not grow and our wines are 100% New York State wines.

Wines from the Vizcarra Vineyards available in the Specialty & Others section.