Homemade Pies

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Hand rolled crust with fruit picked right here in the farm.

Pecan $15.95  Qty: Price:
Apple $14.95  Qty: Price:
Apple Crumb $14.95  Qty: Price:
Blueberry $14.95  Qty: Price:
Cherry $14.95  Qty: Price:
Peach $14.95  Qty: Price:
Pumpkin $14.95  Qty: Price:
Raspberry $14.95  Qty: Price:
Rhubarb $14.95  Qty: Price:
Strawberry Rhubarb $14.95  Qty: Price:
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Becker Farms pies are a staple in many homes, made with love and care, each one is hand rolled creating a crust just like your Grandma used to make!!

Wines from the Vizcarra Vineyards available in the Specialty & Others section.