Becker Farms CSA Gold Membership

Gold Membership come with your share, each week you will receive a specialty add on item picked just for you from the farm. Please note this will include alcohol at times. DO NOT TRY AND PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME.

Weekly specialty item $14.00  Qty: Price:
Only available for these drops.
Delivery frequency
: With every delivery

Specialty items from either the farm, bakery, winery or brewery. each week for 20 weeks Each week you will receive a specialty add on item from the bakery department, the winery, the brewery, something from our amazing kitchen staff and occasionally something from one of our local business partners. This also may include specialty produce items from time to time and discounts to events at the farm.

PLEASE NOTE: When signing up this is a reoccurring add on, you will get charged for this every time you have a scheduled share. ONLY PURCHASE ONE DO NOT TRY AND PAY UP FRONT FOR MORE THAN ONE OR IT WILL SCHEDULE THEM ALL ON YOUR FIRST SCHEDULED PICK UP. The Gold Member is designed to be paid once a week with scheduled deliveries.